Please Join Us

"The power of a Catholic education is truly something worth celebrating and sharing with others!"

- David A. Faber, Superintendent of Catholic Schools, Diocese of Grand Rapids

Please Join Us

Research over the years validates what we’ve been screaming from the rooftops…students who attend Catholic schools benefit!

  • Overall academic achievement is higher (Coleman, Hoffer & Kilgore, 1982; Sander, 1996).
  • Graduates are more likely to vote (Dee, 2005), earn higher wages (Neal, 1997), are more civically engaged, are more tolerant of diverse views and are more committed to service as adults (Campbell, 2001; Wolf, Greene, Kleitz, & Thalhammer, 2001).
  • Students are four times more likely to be attending church at age 45, three times more likely to be confirmed and two times more likely to be married in church (research noted by Sr. M. Paul McCaughey, O.P., Back to School Kick-Off, 2009).
  • The longer students attend a Catholic school, the more regular their church attendance and the more generous they tend to be (the Catholic school effect noted by Fr. Ron Nuzzi, ACE Leadership Mentor Workshop, 2005).
  • Catholic high school graduates earn almost 15 percent more than their public school counterparts, are more likely to attend college and are almost 20 percent more likely to complete a bachelor’s degree (National Education Longitudinal Study, 2012).

We believe that there is no better faith-based, Christ-centered educational experience than Saint Thomas. If you are interested in becoming a part of our community, please contact us and schedule a school tour.